Support for NU Bound Students

Taking part in the NU Bound program? Here’s how the Explore Program will aid you in your year away from campus.

NU Bound is a guided two-semester study away from campus. For the 2022-2023 academic year, NU Bound students will study either in London, England at the New College of the Humanities (NCH) or in the Bay Area in California at Mills College, all part of Northeastern’s global university system. Learn more about what it means to be in the NU Bound program by checking out the NU Bound page on Northeastern’s website.

Explore Program Advising

Explore Program students in the NU Bound program have access to their advisor even before embarking on their NU Bound journey. In the late spring and summer before your NU Bound experience, you will work together with your Explore advisor to identify courses that align with your strongest major interests so that you can jumpstart your exploration in your first semester.

Your Explore Program advisor will not only help guide you in your major exploration, but they will also assist you with any questions or concerns that come up along the way, whether or not related to academics. Explore advising is holistic, which means that we care about you as an individual and we understand that there are many factors that impact your experience as a Northeastern student. You can meet with your Explore advisor as often as you would like. 

NU Bound Mentors

Explore Program students in the NU Bound program will also be assigned an NU Bound mentor who will connect with them virtually throughout their time away from campus. NU Bound mentors are former Explore Program students who will help guide you through your academic exploration and provide opportunities for you to reflect on your NU Bound experience.

Towards the end of your NU Bound experience, your NU Bound mentor will show you all of the resources available on the Boston campus and will help you prepare for your transition to Northeastern for your second year, both academically and socially.