Support for International Students

The Explore Program team is excited to welcome you to our Boston campus.

An important part of our mission is to provide you with individualized support as you engage in academic exploration and self-discovery. We understand that you bring unique experiences and academic backgrounds and we work hard to provide the kind of support you need as you adjust to our campus and explore possible academic and experiential pathways.

Summer Ambassadors

Many new students find it helpful to connect with a student leader before arriving at Northeastern. If you are joining us on campus in the fall, you will be assigned an Explore Program Summer Ambassador in June. Your Summer Ambassador will serve as a resource as you prepare to transition to the Boston campus at the end of August.

Our Summer Ambassadors are in majors across the University, but they all began with us in the Explore Program. Because we expect that you might have questions about moving to the U.S., we match you with a Summer Ambassador who is also an international student, and can relate to your experiences as you prepare to join us in Boston.

International Students

If you are joining the Program in the fall, your advisor will begin working with you via email and set up a video or phone call over the summer, since we know you might not be able to make it to our on-campus Pre-Departure Orientation. You will also be assigned an Mentor, our student leaders who work with Explore Program students. Your Mentor will focus more on your exploration during the fall semester as you prepare to transition to the Boston campus in the spring. We know that international students have unique experiences during this transition, so we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions for international Explore Program students which we will share with you as you get ready to start your fall and spring semesters.

“Through the Explore Program, I found a caring community that supported me while I explored my options and decided what my interests were. While I was adjusting to the cultural differences between the US and my home country, I always knew that I didn’t have to worry about making any decisions regarding my future on my own. Moreover, I met lots of other students that were also going through the same situation—many of which are some of my best friends now—and mentors that were always ready to help us in any way they could.”

Vania Alvarez Murakami, Economics & Business Administration