Meet the SSGs!

Kennedy Thompson

Hi! My name is Kennedy and I’m a 3rd year health science major with a double minor in nutrition and global health. I am currently on my first co-op and work at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals doing drug discovery research. I plan on getting my MPH before applying to medical school. I am very passionate about global health, public health, and women’s health and these are all big reasons for why I want to go into medicine. I wanted to become a mentor because I know how overwhelming and draining being on a pre-med/pre-health can be at times. I also know how important it is to have people that can help you in any way shape or form and I want to be able to do that for my mentees. I’m always willing to share the things that I’ve learned and what I know!

Lingshan Liu


My name is Lingshan. I am a 3rd-year Pharmaceutical Sciences student on the pre-med track. I grew up in Fuzhou, China, and moved to Columbus, IN during high school. I finished my first co-op at MGH Steele Lab studying lymphatic pumping this past summer. Outside of classroom, you will see me volunteering at Tufts Medical Center as a patient visitor, serving as the community coordinator and food run leader for NU Food Recovery Network, connecting with learners and attending events as a Bouve Fellow and a Pre-med Pre-health SSG, trying out different restaurants with my friends, and doing fun sewing projects. I wish to become a mentor because I had a very positive experience as a mentee when I first entered Northeastern. My Bouve Fellow was extremely supportive and offered me many great resources to help with the transition. I wish to continue fostering this meaningful peer mentorship with 1st/2nd-year students like my Bouve Fellow.

Helen Ji

Helen Ji

Hi all! My name is Helen, I use she/her/hers pronouns, and I’m a fourth year biochem major/ethics minor on the premed track. My first co-op was researching neural stem cell fates at MGH, and my current co-op is researching oncology nanomedicine at Dana Farber! I’m a part of AMSA on campus, and I am also helping research early childhood mental health at the IHESJR at Northeastern. I’m from Philly so I’m a huge Sixers fan!





Zoe Farkash

My name is Zoe Farkash, and I am from Buffalo, NY (Go Bills!). I am a 3rd year here at Northeastern, majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience with a minor in Public Health. I am on my first co-op this semester as Medical Assistant in the Department of Urology at Brigham’s and Womens Hospital. While it may sound odd/gross, I have been able to gain so much experience about patient care, hospital etiquette, and urological health. Besides being an SSG for PreHealth/Premed students, I am a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi, Phi Delta Epsilon, an Orgo 2 TA/tutor, and a weekly volunteer at a homeless shelter. I wanted to be an SSG because when I was a freshman, there was no one that I could talk to (before I joined these clubs) about being a pre-med student. I wanted to become someone that people could come to, to talk about challenges they are facing with classes, to get advice from, or just someone they could rant to. I am really excited about this position and have weekly office hours on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Please reach out to me so we can set up a meeting, I really want to meet as many of you as possible!