How to find volunteer opportunities as a pre-health student at NU

Written by Zoe Farkash

Coming into college can be overwhelming and scary, especially when adjusting to a new schedule, navigating a different environment, and trying to make friends. Additionally, it may seem daunting to find volunteer experiences.

My name is Zoe Farkash, and I am one of the PMPH ambassadors. In my role as an ambassador and mentor, many students have frantically asked me about my volunteering opportunities, how to find them, and when to start. As a fourth-year student, I have listened to numerous talks from medical admissions personnel, PMPH advisors, healthcare professionals, and other students applying who have provided lots of advice on the topic. The one consistent piece of advice from everyone was to find an experience that you enjoy and can relate to. By doing this, you will look forward to these opportunities and may present these experiences on your resume with more passion.

For example, I am very passionate about fitness and healthy habits. To incorporate these hobbies into volunteering, I joined the campus organization “KIN” or Kids in Nutrition. Each week, members of the club come together to present educational information and games to students in after-school programs at SquashBusters. Through this, I have gained various types of experience such as working with kids, collaboration, education, and volunteerism, all of which I can passionately discuss and show how it has shaped my personal story.

How did I find this organization? I was fortunate enough for my professor to highlight campus clubs during our class one day, but you can also go to the Clubs & Organizations NU website and browse different volunteering clubs as well! Additionally, Northeastern provides opportunities to engage in volunteering for all students. NU Community Service and Civic Engagement provides multiple programs to apply to, whether that may be alternative break trips or community-based volunteering options. Finally, the PMPH website provides even more volunteering opportunities; this is how I found out about a women’s shelter where I also volunteer weekly!

By getting involved in community outreach, you will be able to know your city better and help those in need. And remember, volunteering is not something to just check off! When seeking out different opportunities, remind yourself of why you are doing something and how it can make a difference.