The Northeastern Explore Program provides individualized and holistic support as you engage in academic exploration and self-discovery.

We foster an inclusive community that encourages you to connect with faculty, staff, and peers across campus as you prepare for success at Northeastern and beyond. Through active participation in the Explore Program, you will be able to:

  • Implement strategies for academic success.
  • Connect with appropriate campus resources.
  • Create a strategic plan for academic and experiential engagement.

You will meet these learning outcomes by engaging in Explore Program events, advising, and our first-year seminar course, FSEM1000, Connections & Decisions.

“Having no idea what I wanted my major to be as a senior in high school, I was reassured by the Explore Program and all of the resources and support it had to offer. From my time abroad during NUin, to my first semesters on campus, to now as a graduating senior, Explore has supported me through all of the ups and downs of my time at Northeastern. I am so glad I chose Explore and got to be part of its incredible community.”

Abbey Holland, Human Services and International Affairs, Class of 2022