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We love visiting classes, student groups, residence hall meetings, and anyone else interested in research, creative endeavor, and fellowships!

Use the form at this link to Request a Visit and we’ll be in touch.

We are happy to tailor a program to your group’s interests and needs. Some topics we can address include:

  • The PEAK Experiences Awards
  • Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor at Northeastern
  • Graduate School 101: What is graduate school across disciplines?
  • Making a Graduate School Plan: Advanced Preparation for Graduate School
  • External Fellowships
  • SOURCE: the Showcase of Opportunities for Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor
  • RISE: Research, Innovation, Scholarship, Entrepreneurship Expo
  • Project Development: Using Your Library Resources
  • Project Development: The Ethical Conduct of Research and Creative Endeavor
  • Project Development: Formulating a Project Proposal
  • Project Development: Developing a Research Question or Creative Problem
  • Project Development: Cultivating a Faculty Mentor
  • Project Development: Presenting Your Work