What We Love About Boston in Fall!

by Explore Program Student Leaders

One of the great things about Boston is getting to experience the changes in seasons. From campus it is easy to get out and explore all the different parts of the city. Here are some of the Explore Program student leaders’ favorite things about Boston!

“I love the changing leaves around campus! It makes walking to class a site to behold.” – Kate Mason

“I thought I had experienced fall, but it was not until moving to Boston that I realized I hadn’t truly experienced fall until I experienced a New England one. The foliage, the moderate temperatures, the leaf covered streets of Beacon Hill, the Halloween Decorations, the seasonal menus… Fall in New England is the best way to live out your Gilmore Girls dreams.” – Sasha Jalinous

“My favorite thing about fall in Boston is the changing leaves falling all around the city and the temperature. It’s so easy to walk around and see all the pretty sights!” – Brynn Flannery

“The best way to explore Boston is by walking around. I love to walk without an objective – I usually stumble on a new park or a cool bakery and get to try new things.” – Cassandra Lanson

“I feel like the music scene in Boston is underappreciated. Whether you go to an amazing venue like the House of Blues or are just walking through the Commons, you can always find some really talented musicians performing in Boston.” – Henry Finch

“One of my favorite things about Boston in the fall is walking around the Public Garden and seeing all of the beautiful colors as the leaves change. Nature is gorgeous during this time of year, and moving around either listening to music, or with a good book, or with a friend is always something I love to do while I’m here.” – Miles Thompson