Tackling College Decisions

by Explore Program Students and Student Leaders

With May 1st and college decision season fast approaching for high school seniors, Explore Program students and student leaders want to extend some advice to students considering college decisions. Keep reading to find some quotes that might help you through this process! You’ve got this!

“My advice to undeclared high school seniors is simple: try everything! When I entered college, I had no idea what I wanted to study and I didn’t know where to start. With the help of the Explore Program advisors, I chose classes that covered anything I was remotely interested in — journalism, communications, sociology, criminology, international affairs. I am so happy that I took the time to explore my interests and try new things. College is the time to take advantage of every available opportunity — take a leap of faith!” – Pippa Lenderking

“Even if you think you know what you want to major in during high school, applying to the Explore Program is still beneficial because you will simply be able to confirm that was the right major choice for you, or you’ll find a better option and be thankful you kept an open mind!” – Erin Gill

“Don’t make your decision solely based on a university’s ranking. Feel out the “vibes” of the university because college is more than just classes. It is important that you choose a school with a community where you can avoid being overwhelmed, can be yourself, and can find a place you could call home.” – Frank McGuinness

“In the end the choice comes down to what’s best for YOU in every regard. Whether it be financially, socially, or academically, you are in charge of your future. I wouldn’t let image or others influence your decision but rather sit down and contemplate what it is that you are truly looking for. Consider if you can picture the best version of yourself and the person you want to become at that school and if so, that is the place for you.” – Melanie Valliciergo

“Take time to explore and find your interests! Don’t feel pressured to declare a major or follow a certain path because it seems like everyone else already has it figured out. At Northeastern, there is a large community of undeclared students out there who are there for you. The time during undergrad is your time to explore and find your passion. Joining clubs and extracurriculars in college is a great way to meet new people, discover your interests, and find your belonging – look forward to it and don’t stress too much!” – Vanshika Dawar

“College is more about finding yourself than pleasing others, so pursue the path you want to take. You may not know right now, but lean into what interests you and see where it takes you!” – Kristen Daly

“Trust yourself! At the end of the day no one knows the right choice about anything in your life except for you. No decision is permanent and all we can do is go with what feels the best to us. Just look for the positives in every decision and everything is going to work out just fine.” – Henry Finch

“For me personally, my favorite part about being an Explore Program Student Leader is being able to watch students go from exploring to declaring a major and knowing I had a hand in helping them make such an important decision. Being a student leader for three years now I have worked with so many students all with unique abilities, interests, and wants. It has been such a joy to be able to debrief with students on what they have loved and enjoyed the most during their time exploring and then helping them find a major that feels right for them. I remember how crazy and daunting the declaring process felt so to know that I can make another student’s life a bit easier by listening and talking about their exploration process, is something I will never forget!” – Julia Ellis

“It is impossible to be over-informed. When looking into schools for next year, spend time on their websites, reach out to speak with current students, watch “day in the life” videos on YouTube, attend virtual events, look at photos of the campus, and on and on. Take quick notes about what you like/dislike about certain schools so you don’t forget and so it is easier to make the best decision for you. Also, take time to appreciate your hometown and your friends. Spend as much time as possible (safely) being with them and exploring where you’re from—you’ll miss those moments when you go to college!” – Ben Schmitt