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Julia Ebert
Behavioral Neuroscience, College of Science
Ebert, Julia
Hall of Fame


The puzzle of motor learning—how humans learn different motor skills and how these skills are retained, lost, and possibly regained—motivated Julia Ebert’s stellar career as an undergraduate researcher. A behavioral neuroscience major, Julia worked extensively in Professor Dagmar Sternad’s Action Lab, completing a thesis on learning an asymmetric bimanual task.

Julia's scientific research and leadership led to her being named a Barry Goldwater Scholar in 2013. Julia also won a DAAD Award and studied at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen, Germany.

As a Marshall Scholar, Julia studied biomedical engineering at Imperial College London, examining robotic intervention at the interface of the brain and peripheral nervous system. She then pursued a PhD in Computer Science at Harvard University.


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