Northeastern Students Earn Record Number of Fulbrights

It has been a wonderful spring for our Fulbright applicants, as a record number of Northeastern University Huskies have earned the award to represent the United States as cultural and intellectual ambassadors in the upcoming year. So far, 11 students, current undergraduate and graduate students and alums, have earned the Fulbright — a new record for the institution.

We’ll update this news as award notifications are made. Congratulations to our applicants and thank you to their mentors!

Emin AbahamianEmin Abrahamian COE’24, Bioengineering || Fulbright S/R to Spain, “Applying Business Analytics and Big Data to Bioengineering: The Bioinformatics Revolution”
Mentors: Billy Crotty, MIchael Jaeggli, Christina Agostinelli-Fucile





Ezra AcevedoEzra Acevedo CSSH’23, International Affairs || Fulbright ETA to Kyrgyzstan
Mentors: Boris Yelin, Philip Thai, Garrett Nelson






Victoria DeyVictoria Dey PhD CSSH’26, History || Fulbright S/R to France, “Crossing Continents, Forging Bonds: Tracing Global Efforts for Black Liberation in the 1980s”
Mentors: Régine Jean-Charles, Heather Streets-Salter, Angel Nieves






Fenner Dreyfuss-WellsFenner Dreyfuss-Wells CSSH’23, Politics/Philosophy/Economics || Fulbright ETA to Brazil
Mentors: Madeline Lee, Karen Sama, Daniel Bryan






Ben FieldBen Field COE’24, Bioengineering || Fulbright ETA to Poland
Mentors: Elise Lambalot, Michael Jaeggli, Daniel Bassous







Andrea Gieseman CSSH’22, History || Fulbright ETA to Spain
Mentors: Richard Conley, Becca Berkey, Aline Flodr







Matthew HillerMatthew Hiller COE’25, Bioengineering || Fulbright S/R to Ireland, “Investigation HDAC6 Inhibition in Multiple Myeloma and Impacts on the Tumor Microenvironment”
Mentors: Michael Calter, Bruce Conway, Lee Makowski






Natalie McGowanNatalie McGowan COS’21, Behavioral Neuroscience || Fulbright S/R to Australia, “Facilitators and Barriers to Succesful School-Based HPV Vaccination”
Mentors: Sean Patrick Heffron, Kayoll Gyan, Javier Apfeld





Thomas MurthaTom Murtha CSSH’23, Political Science/Business Administration || Fulbright ETA to Taiwan
Mentors: Shellyce DeBow-Leard, Lee-Ann Burdick, Denis Sullivan






Grayson PeelGrayson Peel CSSH’23, Cultural Anthropology || Fulbright S/R to Ecuador, “Testimonios de Confrontación: LGBTQ+ Policy and Extralegal violence in Ecuador”
Mentors: Nina Sylvanus, Carie Hersh, Daniel Noemi Voionmaa, Gordana Rabrenovic





Maxwell PirtleMaxwell Pirtle Khoury’24, Computer Science || Fulbright S/R to France, “Candidacy for the Research Master’s in Computer Science at ENS Rennes”
Mentors: Gene Cooperman, Kyle Rokita, Martin Quinson