Announcing the PEAK Experiences Awards

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships is pleased to announce our new developmental framework for supporting undergraduate research and creative endeavor: The Project-Based Exploration for the Advancement of Knowledge — PEAK — Experiences Awards.

This new framework offers supports for all types of learners as they grow in understanding and engagement throughout their time at Northeastern.

The Campfire Chat Award: An opportunity to take a faculty member out to lunch and learn about their work.

The Base Camp Award: A $500 award to get started in the research and creative endeavor of a faculty member for novices.

The Ascent Award: A $1,000 semester-long award for advanced beginners with basic conceptual and practical skills who are seeking to broaden and deepen their competencies in research and creative endeavor while working closely with a mentor.

The Bridge Builder Award: A $1,000 award to fund a year-long project utilizing ethical research and creative practices to engage with a critical community challenge alongside a partner organization.

The Summit Award: A $3,000 award to support a semester-long  engagement with an important disciplinary problem by competent to proficient applicants. Though supported by mentors, the expectation is that projects in this category would be created and undertaken by applicants with a greater degree of autonomy/independence.

The Trail Blazer Award: A $5,000 award to fund a full nine-to-ten weeks of sophisticated, independent, mentored, research or creative endeavor over the summer.  For applicants seeking to take their in-disciplinary efforts to the next level AND/OR ambitious explorers seeking to bring creative and novel perspectives to bear on problems outside of their discipline.

The Shout-It-Out Award: An award up to $1,500 that funds 50% of the cost of travel, including lodging, for students presenting their original research and creative endeavors at conferences.

Applications for the PEAK Experiences Awards are now live! Check out the PEAK Experiences Awards overview page to find the award that is right for you.