Announcing the AJC Merit Research Scholars Award

Thanks to a generous donor, we are proud to present a new and exciting award this year – and the first of its kind to directly support the work of undergraduate research and fellowships through our URF office – the AJC Merit Research Scholarship.

The AJC Merit Research Scholarship provides academically talented undergraduates in the STEM fields with the opportunity to participate in a full-time, research co-op in the lab of a Northeastern University faculty member – at a wage comparable to what they might earn in industry.  The intention of the award is to encourage a broader array of talented undergraduates to engage in faculty-mentored academic research co-ops than might otherwise do so because of financial considerations and to support the ambitions of undergraduates interested in pursuing graduate study in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (“STEM”) fields.

In addition to dedicated faculty mentorship and significant financial support for their position, AJC Merit Research Scholars will also join a cohort of like-minded peers and receive additional mentorship and guidance from the Undergraduate Research and Fellowships office.

Northeastern University celebrates diversity in our community.  Students from underrepresented groups and diverse backgrounds and those with a demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusivity are encouraged to apply.  In supporting this scholarship, the donor’s hope is to attract academically talented applicants who are underrepresented in STEM fields.  This scholarship is open to students from all backgrounds and interested students from all backgrounds should apply to this opportunity.

Candidates must be full time undergraduate students at Northeastern, while the co-op position must be undertaken in the laboratories of a tenured or tenure track faculty member in the STEM fields.

There are two paths for students to become AJC Merit Research Scholars this spring.

  1. By proposing a research co-op with a tenured or tenure track faculty member with whom they already have a relationship.
  2. By applying into an Approved AJC Merit Research Scholarship Faculty-Mentor Research Co-op.

Applications for undergraduates will go online in mid-September with applications due October 23 with decisions articulated by October 28.

Fifteen (15) co-op positions for January 2023 are currently posted on NUWorks. Search “AJC Merit Research” to view complete job descriptions. Then follow the application procedure outlined there. Do not contact the faculty members directly to apply.