At Northeastern, we challenge you — our student — with rigorous, exciting educational programs and opportunities to facilitate your intellectual growth. We want to do more than simply prepare you for your first job. Our goal is to graduate students who have developed intellectual skills and abilities that prepare them to become self-directed learners, to continue learning in work-based environments, and to be able to transition to new jobs and even new careers throughout their professional lives.

How do we accomplish this?

We admit the best and brightest students, and create an intellectual climate that fosters curiosity, inquiry, exploration, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

We offer a unique approach to education that fully integrates theory and practice through experiential learning. This educational model enables you to use your knowledge and practice your skills in authentic, real-world situations.

We present a variety of opportunities to promote experiential learning, both within and outside the traditional classroom. Within courses, labs and studios, we use meaningful and engaging pedagogical techniques such as flipped classrooms, case studies and simulations; outside the classroom students can choose to enrich their learning through such activities as co-op, research with faculty, service learning, study abroad, and Dialogues of Civilization. Many of these activities provide global opportunities to further broaden your perspective and help you situate yourself in the larger world.

We balance rigor and challenge with support, recognizing that our role is to create the conditions to allow learning to happen. We want each of you to create the education that best suits your goals and aspirations, and so we provide flexibility and choice (e.g., double majors, combined majors, half majors, minors). We also offer advising, mentoring, tutoring, and coaching to help students thrive at Northeastern.

Finally, know that we are never satisfied: We continually assess and evolve our programs, processes and procedures to meet the changing demands of our students, employers and the world in which we live. We are proud of the variety of ways in which Northeastern students engage with us and with the world to gain an education that will lead to a life of fulfillment and accomplishment.