Professional Opportunities


Health professional schools look for applicants who have differentiated themselves. Participating in one or more co-ops is an outstanding way to gain unique experience.

There are co-op positions in Boston’s leading teaching hospitals, research institutions, biotech, industry, and community health centers. PreMed and PreHealth students participate in a wide variety of co-op options, including bench research, clinical research, and hands on patient care. Co-op can also be an opportunity to explore a different area of interest, for example working in the Financial District, a political office, marine sciences, pursuing an interest in music or art, or learning about a different culture by traveling internationally. There isn’t any specific co-op that PreMed and PreHealth students should complete. Rather, choose positions that engage and inspire you.

Please contact your co-op advisor, who will help you find co-op positions that align with your career goals and qualifications.


A summer internship may be the best way to test the waters of a field. Below are some options for you to begin exploring opportunities.

Please contact Northeastern’s Employer Engagement and Career Design for further assistance in finding internships aligned with your career goals and qualifications!