An invitation by a health professional school to come to interview means that your application is competitive. You now have the opportunity personally to present your credentials, impress the decision-makers, and differentiate yourself from other applicants.

What to do when you receive an invitation to interview

  • Be excited! It’s natural to feel both excitement and anxiety as you get ready for your interviews.
  • Respond to the interview invitation promptly and courteously.
  • Contact the PreMed and PreHealth Advising Program to be connected to a Northeastern alumni mentor!
  • Review your application(s) and make sure that you are able to talk in detail about all information that you have presented, including weaknesses.
  • Make sure you understand what each school offers and what specifically they look for in their students; then match your unique skills and attributes to these characteristics. Develop questions to ask, and ensure these questions cannot be answered from the school’s website.
  • Hone your interview skills on Big Interview or in a mock interview with a friend, PreMed/PreHealth Advisor, and/or Career Development counselor.
  • Know the format of the interview! Many schools are now giving Multiple-Mini Interviews (MMIs). An MMI differs from a traditional interview in that you will have the opportunity to meet with more representatives of the school but have less time to talk to each of them.

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