Committee Letter Requirements

The Committee Letter is a composite letter that includes full content of all required evaluator letters plus an evaluation from the PreMed and PreHealth Advising Program. The PreMed and PreHealth evaluation is a competency-based summary of a student’s clinical, community engagement, and research experiences as well as academic performance during their time at Northeastern. We do not restrict our Committee Letter service based on grades or exam scores.

Committee letters are strongly preferred by the programs for which we advise (exception: optometric medicine, veterinary medicine, and physician assistant). To qualify for a Committee Letter, applicants and re-applicants* must meet all deadlines and requirements below. If you do not meet all deadlines and requirements you will no longer be eligible to receive a Committee Letter but may still qualify for a Letter Packet.

Applicants who are accepted to a medical school and decline matriculation are not eligible for future Committee Letters. The PreMed and PreHealth Advising Program has a three time limit for Committee Letters. The PreMed and PreHealth Advising Program cannot forward letters to any program other than what was designated on the original request. Thus, we are unable to send letters to medical masters or Post-Baccalaureate programs. Please contact your evaluators directly to request that letters be tailored to the program to which you are applying.