Natalia H.- Tutor of the Month – December 2019

Tutor of the Month: Natalia H. 

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

What courses do you tutor? BIOL 3611

How long have you been tutoring? Since Fall 2018

What is your CLRA Level? Peer Tutor in Training

How have you represented PTP? I feel I’ve represented PTP well! I feel I try to be well prepared before meeting with anyone, and I really stress positivity — especially after mistakes. Test-taking is hard and mistakes are made, and that’s okay, as long as we can analyze what happened so we can figure out how to maybe bypass the silly mistakes and make the best of studying.

How has PTP impacted you? PTP has impacted me for sure. I enjoyed being able to reinforce my own material by meeting with students, and it felt great knowing my work was paying off and really helping! I had so much fun working with students and it helped me to want to expand my own knowledge on the material and push myself to delve deeper into it. Tutoring has helped me think critically about what study tactics work best for me and how to really communicate clearly whether or not students agree with my thought processes. It’s challenging but so rewarding when someone reaches out to say they succeeded.

Student Testimonial: “I was able to ask all of my questions and go over practice problems that helped me do better on the tests.”