Mitch R.- Tutor of the Month – November 2019

Tutor of the Month: Mitch R. 

Major: Chemistry

What courses do you tutor? CHEM 1161, CHEM 2313, CHEM 2315, CHEM 2317

How long have you been tutoring? Since January 2019

What is your CLRA Level? Peer Tutor in Training

How have you represented PTP? [I encourage my] my friends [to use peer tutoring] whenever they have needed help in a course and it has always resulted in positive feedback. I also feel as though I have represented the program well by giving it my all and trying to help the students understand everything from the small things down to the minutiae.

How has PTP impacted you? PTP has made me gain a love for teaching and tutoring and has made me realize that I think I would like to teach professionally at some point in the future.

Student Testimonial: “The tutor was helpful with explaining concepts and allowing me to actively engage in learning and practicing concepts.”