Kristin D.- Tutor of the Month – May 2020


Tutor of the Month: Kristin D. 

Major: Biology

What courses do you tutor? CHEM 1161, CHEM 2311, BIOL 2299, BIOL 2301, POLS 1155

How long have you been tutoring? Since January 2020

What is your CLRA Level? Certified Peer Tutor Level 1

How have you represented PTP?

I have tried my best to embody the values of the PTP and keep them in mind when tutoring. I always listen to and respect my students, try to understand their goals for the session, and then cater my tutoring to their personal needs. Every session I aim to help them improve their understanding of the material and have them leave with greater confidence in their work and abilities. 

How has PTP impacted you? PTP has helped me work towards my goal of becoming a teacher. It has given me the opportunity to both grow as an educator and improve my skills as well as reach a multitude of students from different majors. I look forward to meeting with my tutees and helping them along in their academic journeys. I truly enjoy teaching and helping others, and PTP has afforded me my ideal job.

Student Testimonial: “[Kristin] very knowledgable and helpful in topics that I was confused on.”