Jon K.- Tutor of the Month – February 2021

Tutor of the Month: Jon K.

Major: Bioengineering and Biochemistry

What courses do you tutor? Organic Chemistry I and II

How long have you been tutoring? Since September 2020

What is your CLRA Level? CRLA peer tutor in training

How have you represented PTP? I’m always trying to represent PTP as an incredibly useful and accessible tool for all Northeastern Students. I think it’s awesome that for most courses anyone can get the help they need for free! I try to be an active tutor by getting to know my regular tutees in my sessions as well as encouraging people I meet to seek out tutoring if they need help.

How has PTP impacted you? PTP has bettered me in many ways. I find that I am a more coherent speaker and can convey concepts more effectively. I’ve also become quite good at taking a step back and looking at the content from the tutee’s perspective to help them learn how they learn best. I am also interested in pursuing medical school, and tutoring has been super helpful with reinforcing  and staying up to date with my chemistry knowledge.

Student Testimonial: “Jonathan is the best organic chemistry tutor EVER! Like I have never understood organic chemistry this much and he’s extremely patient. I definitely feel more prepared for the test because of him.”