Gabrielle E. – Tutor of the Month – November 2018

Tutor of the Month- November 2018

Name: Gabrielle E. 

Major: Business (Marketing Concentration)

What courses do you tutor? ENGW 1110 and 1111 for the General Studies Program

How long have you been tutoring? Since Fall 2016

What is your CRLA level? Level 1 Certified Peer Tutor

How have you represented PTP? I try to advocate for PTP for anyone, regardless of grade, struggling with a class. Particularly in the athletic community, using PTP just as much as SASS tutors is super important to be able to address any issues that might occur with classes!

How has PTP impacted you? I love PTP! It has introduced me to some awesome people and shown me that you can never care too much. Tina and Maggie stop at nothing to help students and I feel extremely grateful to be a part of a community that wants you to succeed and supports you along the way. 

Student Testimonial: “I really enjoyed how eager she [Gabrielle] was to help me with my project. Also, I felt that she was easier to talk to because she is a peer.”