Chantel H.- Tutor of the Month – November 2020


Tutor of the Month: Chantel H.

Major: Double Major in American Sign Language Interpreting and Psychology 

What courses do you tutor? DEAF1500, AMSL 1101-3101, SPNS 1101-SPNS2102

How long have you been tutoring? Since September 2020

What is your CLRA Level? CRLA peer tutor in training

How have you represented PTP? I have represented PTP by advocating for our services in spaces where they might be most needed yet equally overlooked, including spaces where students might have traditionally felt discouraged about reaching out for help.

How has PTP impacted you? PTP has helped me to know that I’m competent enough in my skills not only to be able to share them amongst a range of people and learning styles, but also that I am capable, competent, and take pride in handling such a responsibility. Education is one of the best forms of self-investment. It feels good to know that others trust in my skills enough to allow me on that journey with them.

Student Testimonial: “Chantel is great! Very knowledgeable, good at coming up with relevant examples, and very good at answering questions.”