How to Setup a Tutoring Session

The Peer Tutoring Program (PTP) offers FREE in-person and online tutoring services to students enrolled in undergraduate courses supported by our program. Northeastern undergraduate students seeking tutoring assistance can access TUTORING via the Student Hub 

Students can schedule one-on-one or small group tutoring sessions using the PTP Tutoring WebApp via the Student Hub, under “Resources” in “Miscellaneous”, by clicking on “Tutoring”.

PTP also supports both the NUin and the NUBound students offering FREE online tutoring services.

Students who seek tutoring assistance using PTP will have the option of scheduling 2 tutoring sessions per week per course(s).

PTP’s preferred online tutoring platform is GoBoard, however both tutors and tutees are allowed to use either Zoom and/or MS Teams both offered as an option by Northeastern.

PTP is committed to offering high quality of tutoring services regardless of the method of delivery.

Once you have submitted a request for an online tutoring session you will receive the following: 

A Confirmation email will be generated from the Tutoring WebApp with the usual appointment information; however, it will also include a unique URL link to your tutoring digital environment or the tutor will email you a location for in person sessions.

What happens next?

  1. Make sure that you are using a Google Chrome browser to access your GoBoard digital environment; this is the best browser for this program.
  2. Prior to your scheduled session, both students and tutors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the technology and the features available on GoBoard.

To setup a tutoring session, click on the link below.

Student Hub Login