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Know someone smart and motivated?

Do you have any current students you believe could become excellent peer tutors for your course(s)? Students in order to qualify to become peer tutors need to meet the following criteria: receive an A or A- as the final grade in your course(s), have over a 3.0 GPA, demonstrate expertise in the subject(s) and ability to recall the material for the course(s) they plan to tutor, as well as  have strong communication, organization, and time management skills. Faculty and advisors are encouraged to refer qualified students to become peer tutors. Please use the refer button below to submit a list of qualified students to become peer tutors for the Peer Tutoring Program. Upon receiving your list of referrals we will contact the students to gauge their  interested in this position.

All peer tutoring services are free to all students enrolled in the course(s) seeking peer tutoring, however the peer tutoring position is a paid position.

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