Opportunities for choice and flexibility

NUterm, a new academic option designed just for rising sophomores, gives undergraduates a valuable pathway to customize their own learning experience. Starting in May, you can earn course credit (May 1-June) and enjoy your summer vacation (July/August)!

By taking advantage of NUterm classes and other experiences, you can add research or global study to your academic resumé, explore intriguing new subjects, and gain flexibility in your degree program. Depending on your major, you can use that flexibility to pursue another co-op, earn your degree sooner, or dive more deeply into your field of study.

Concurrent with the Summer 1 half-semester (May–June) after your freshman year, NUterm enables you to earn up to 8 course credits. The menu of academic opportunities—some that are available only to NUterm students—includes research and course options built around a common interest or theme and special Dialogue of Civilizations courses, as well as traditional courses on campus and study abroad.

NUterm will also feature a series of events and activities on and off campus to make those two months especially engaging and fun, helping you build friendships and class spirit.

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Registration for on-campus courses begins February 21.