Winter Wrap-Up: October & November with the Honors LLCs

by efuthey

The First-Year Honors students wrapped up their first semester with some wonderful and engaging events with their LLCs! From socializing over fondue to Zumba to supporting NU athletics to Boda Borg, the Honors LLC events during October and November built upon the connections which began during Welcome Week.


Two LLCs participated in Northeastern’s Day of Service, October 19th 2019. Members of the Community Service LLC, led by Coordinator Tim Krumreig and HLLA Doug Read, spread themselves across a few different local organizations assisting diverse communities. When Doug gathered the group the day after for cookies and a debrief, he noted that “it was specifically interesting to reconnect with the group and hear about and reflect on their different experiences/challenges… I got to share our experiences at Boston Latin Academy and listen to other LLC members talk about leading the Boston Book Festival, and going on other service projects like Cradles to Crayon, Mission Hill Main Streets, etc. I think it was a really good opportunity for people to learn about the ongoing projects in the nearby community, most of which will need volunteers again.”


Members of the Social Change and Empowerment LLC, led by Coodinator Rebecca Riccio and HLLA Anja Deric, went to Nathan Hale Elementary School on the Day of Service to participate in beautifying projects inside and outdoors.


The arts were a major focus during October. Explore Boston: Arts and Culture A and Music Lovers A, led by HLLAs Alex Spak and Pam Stravitz, went on a joint expedition to the HONK! Festival in Somerville. HONK! reclaims public spaces in Somerville through street band performances inspired by genres such as Klezmer, Balkan and Romani music, Brazilian Samba, Afrobeat and Highlife, Punk, Funk, and Hip Hop, as well as the New Orleans second line tradition.


Explore Boston: Arts and Culture B engaged with visual arts in October. Led by HLLA Larissa Morikawa and Coordinator Jenna Thrash, this LLC attended the Third Thursday event at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Students could “pursue a variety of hands-on art-making activities with Boston designer and illustrator Sabrina Dorsainvil. A favorite among all of these options, however, was Lee Mingwei performing opera in the Courtyard (Sonic Blossom); with the Courtyard opening out into the multiple levels of Mrs. Gardner’s museum, the beautiful music followed us throughout the entire museum,” as Larissa noted.


Some LLCs wouldn’t let fall pass without celebrating peak leaf season. Both Outdoor Adventure LLCs, led by HLLAs Maia Woodard and Ashley Apro and Coordinators Carrie Klaphake and Kate Berg, went to Stow for apple picking. The students learned about agriculture in Massachusetts and participated in a Monster Corn Maze. The Foodies-10 LLC, led by HLLA Lilia Merbouche and Coordinator Maureen Timmons, made apple pies and participated in a crust decorating contest! As Lilia noted, “one of the students had never touched dough before so that was interesting.”


October also included the two Athletics LLCs, who attended a NU men’s hockey game at Matthews Arena; Book Club chose their Book-to-Movie selection and a brunch chat; a Zumba class at Marino for Explore Boston: Healthy Living; the Foodies-12 LLC attended Boston Veg Fest; Globetrotters A went to the Museum of Science to see a film on Cuba in IMAX; a trip to the Franklin Park Zoo for Animal Enthusiasts; Boda Borg for the Gaming LLC; a public speaking workshop with NU Toastmaster for the Leadership LLC; and an experimental music concert at the Waterworks Museum for Music Lovers B.


November came in chilly and swift, but the LLCs persevered and found ways to stay cozy while building community.


The Book Club LLC had two events: bookmark making, and Books and Boba! During the Books and Boba event, students wrote recommendations on bookmarks, which the HLLA and RA will “use to create a new billboard for the floor in EV so that others can see which books are recommended by their peers. In exchange for a book review as well as to spark conversation and social interaction, we handed out bubble tea,” as HLLA Lindsay noted.


The two Foodies LLCs held a joint fondue event prior to the Thanksgiving break. Framed as a stress relief event, it was very popular and drew participation from not just the first-years, but other HLLAs as well. It was, as HLLAs Lilia and Kelly noted, “the perfect night-time study break for ~stress season~. Students filled wooden skewers with fruit and cookies while listening to music from popular TikToks… Many students stayed to hang out and danced along to the TikTok songs.”


Artistes also held two events in November. They visited the Indonesian Bazaar, an event featuring delectable dishes from this Southeast Asian nation and music, dance, and theatre performances by Indonesians living in Greater Boston and New England. They also had a cupcake-decorating event, where students “had so much fun decorating cupcakes… and enjoyed that they could sculpt and use their imagination with fondant,” HLLA Ashley said. Explore Boston: Arts & Culture A also attended the Indonesian Bazaar.


The Social Change and Empowerment LLC ventured to the Museum of Fine Arts for a curated tour, led by Coordinator Rebecca Riccio. The tour, according to HLLA Anja, “focused on the Howard Greenberg Collection, which consists of hundreds of iconic photographs documenting political, social, and cultural moments in US history. Though this experience, the students were able to learn more about how photography can play into building a shared social consciousness.”


When it was too blustery to be outside, Outdoor Adventure brought the outdoors in. HLLA Maia hosted a movie night for the LLC, where they watched Free Solo. Maia said the students “engaged with the documentary and had discussions about their shared interest in rock climbing” as they ate cookies and Italian dishes for dinner.


November LLC events also included a Boston Celtics game, attended by both Athletics LLCs; a performance of Murder on the Orient Express at the Lyric Stage Company, attended by Arts & Culture B; Music Lovers A participated in a workshop on the Javenese Gamelan; Tech. Innovation & Creativity 7 had a Nerf Hack Night; their peers in Tech. Innovation & Creativity 9 had an IOT & Smart Hardware Showcase; Healthy Living had a tour and lunch at Eataly; Globetrotters B participated in a global experience panel; and Animal Enthusiasts has a self-care workshop and movie night.


The fall semester may be coming to an end, but the connections within the LLCs are only just beginning to strengthen. The Honors Program looks forward to seeing all our first-year students at the Spring Launch on Saturday, January 11th!