Northeastern Cultural Life & Honors

At the University Honors Program, we want all our students to find a place to call home.

The undergraduate experience is different for every student, and it is essential to provide spaces for community to form. We work diligently with the Cultural Centers at Northeastern to increase access and visibility of intercultural and community programming for our students, encouraging them towards personal and professional development as they create their networks.

Find out how Honors students jumped right into the cultural life of Northeastern through the individual stories below.

Wumni Oyetayo

Adewumni Oyetayo, COE'22

I understand coming to a school like Northeastern may be overwhelming, especially if you think you won’t be able to find people like you. However, at Northeastern there are so many communities for students of color that are so inviting and try their hardest to help make your transition feel smooth. There are so many resources in place for you to lean on and receive guidance from and I think that is truly what tops Northeastern off as the amazing school that I know it to be.

Lin Zhang

Lin Zhang, COE'23

It is normal to feel nervous about being away from home and having to meet new people. I am so lucky to have the Honors program at Northeastern who helped ease my transition into college by hosting several events during Honors Welcome Week before classes started. I have also been able to feel culturally connected on campus by connecting with the Asian American Center and joining the Asian American Students in Action Mentoring Program where I matched with a cohort of students who have helped me think about societal topics and issues surrounding the Asian American community.

Maria Cavallaro

Maria Cavallaro, COE'22

The University Honors Program was the first community I established comfort and trust in on campus. The Honors first-year residence hall, East Village, fostered a welcoming environment for all of my Honors peers and I to grow and learn together.The Honors Program also allowed me to connect to others throughout my first and second year by serving as an Honors Ambassador, taking an interdisciplinary seminar course, and being matched with an alumni mentor through the Honors Alumni Mentoring Network.

Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith, Bouvé'22

As a student of color and a Black woman in particular, to be honest, initially I was slightly nervous about the social connections I would soon make on campus. Connecting and hanging out with other students at campus cookouts, game nights, fashion and talent showcases, and more amazing events held by the many Black Student Organizations at Northeastern have surely facilitated the great relationships and friendships I have made thus far. These engagements have allowed me to develop relationships with a diverse group of relatable peers in a safe space that has welcomed those in Northeastern’s Black community with open arms.