A friendly competition between Honors LLCs never hurt anyone!

To build on the exciting activities of Honors Living Learning Communities and to foster student-directed learning, solidarity, and friendship– and maybe just a little friendly inter-LLC competition–  first-year Honors students now have the opportunity to earn Honors PAWS Points that can lead their LLC to win a great prize. 

Our aim is to not only inspire student-directed learning and help students build stronger social and intellectual networks, but to also heighten the fun that comes with friendly competition among the 26 Honors Living Learning communities.  

Here’s how it works:

Earning Honors PAWS Points:

  1. Each LLC member can take an active role in helping their LLC earn PAWS points by engaging in any of a range of activities and reflecting on them. 
  2. Each activity type will have a determined number of PAWS points associated with it.  
  3. HLLAs and Coordinators will invite LLC members to learning opportunities and socials. At the conclusion of each experience, LLC members will receive the PAWS reflection form and will reflect on their experience and submit for Honors PAWS points. 
  4. The University Honors Program staff will review LLC members reflections and will confer the official PAWS points for the LLC.  
  5. The LLC with the most PAWS points will earn rewards for their enthused engagement at the middle and end of each semester. 


The winning LLC will win a group dinner, catered from a local Boston restaurant, for the entire community.  

Siberian Husky–  LLC members can earn PAWS points by participating in each learning experience and social program planned by the Coordinator and HLLA. At the conclusion of each learning experience and social program, in order to confirm the PAWS points, the LLC member will need to submit a reflection through this Google Doc. The LLC members can gain points for each learning experience offered.  

10 Honors PAWS points per LLC member submission

Wolf Pack –  LLC members who submit an approved proposal to present at HEIST (Honors Exchange of Ideas, Skills  and Talents) 

5 Honors PAWS points per LLC member submission 

Pomskies-  LLC members who share their learning in real-time to their followers and the University Honors Program community on the University Honors Program’s social media platform (Instagram: @nuhonors), using the appropriate LLC hashtag will earn PAWS points. LLC members will only be awarded PAWS points for 1 social media post & tag. The LLC members can gain points for each learning experience offered. 

3 Honors PAWS points per LLC member submission

Alaskan Malamute-  The University Honors Program will host a recurring virtual space, Honors Oasis, for students to socialize, de-stress, and learn new hobbies! Topics may include cooking, yoga, painting, etc. If an LLC member or community takes the lead for an Honors Oasis activity and promote attendance, the LLC will receive PAWS points. Please submit your activity plan here. The LLC members or community can gain points for each Honors Oasis activity offered.  

5 Honors PAWS points per LLC community submission.

3 Honors PAWS points per LLC member submission