Mentorship Enrichment Fund

Opportunities to Develop and Enhance the Mentor-Mentee Experience

Introducing… The Mentorship Enrichment Fund!

The Mentorship Enrichment Fund is an opportunity for Mentors and Mentees to apply for small grants to support activities and learning experiences that can contribute toward the growth of their mentoring relationship and toward the advancement of the Mentee’s professional development.

If you have any questions about the Mentorship Enrichment Fund, please  contact Honors Assistant Director, AliciaMcCormick at or 617-373-2334.  

Mentorship Enrichment Fund FAQs

There are many ways that Mentors and Mentees can use the Mentorship Enrichment Fund. Here are some examples:

  • Registration fees or tickets to attend a lecture, exhibit, webinar, or training from a relevant professional organization together
  • Earning a relevant digital badge or professional certificate
  • Copies of a relevant book to read and discuss with one another
  • Transportation (bus, train, uber) for Mentees to meet your mentor in person for a job shadow or other learning experience
  • Short-term subscription to a research journal (if not available via the Northeastern library)
  • Cultural or artistic events (if professionally relevant)
  • Breakfast/lunch/coffee with specific learning goals for the meeting
  • Any other professionally relevant activities that you can think of!

Please note that your proposal should be for an experience in which both you and your Mentor/Mentee will participate. If you would like to request funding for an experience only the Mentee will participate in (e.g., a training that the Mentor has already completed), you must describe how your proposal relates to the mentorship and how the mentor will support this experience (i.e. preparing the Mentee, reflecting on the experience afterwards, discussing skills developed and future uses).

Each Mentor/Mentee pair is eligible to apply for a maximum of $100 per academic year via our online application form.  If the intended activity exceeds $100, please apply anyway and we will inform you if we are able to fund the entire cost or if we will subsidize a portion.

Mentor/Mentee pairs should submit a proposal via the Mentorship Enrichment Fund Application. This is a rolling application that can be submitted at any time during the mentorship. Only one proposal needs to be submitted on behalf of both the Mentor and Mentee. Your proposal should include estimated costs, when the intended activity will occur, how it will contribute to the mentorship, and what the professional relevance is for the Mentee (and possibly, Mentor).