Step into a Busy September with the Honors LLCs

by efuthey

During September, Honors first-year students were busy – not just with classes, clubs, and adjusting to college, but also with exciting activities planned with their Honors Living Learning Communities (LLCs)! Honors LLCs, organized by theme, not only live together in East Village but plan and participate in activities based around those themes. Where and what did the Honors LLCs explore last month? From Chinatown to Beacon Hill to Jamaica Plain, the events took our first-years to many corners of Greater Boston. Here are just a few highlights from September:


One of the Foodies LLCs took a morning trip to Chinatown for dim sum. However, dim sum wasn’t the only thing on the menu. LLC Coordinator Steve Savitsky took this opportunity to explain the history of the iconic Chinatown Gate, a gift from the Taiwanese government in 1982. Foodies explored the neighborhood before going to dim sum at Hei La Moon, where the students were astounded by the amount of food, according to HLLA Kelly Brecq: “Students enjoyed trying all of the different types of food ranging from red bean cakes to dumplings, to pork intestines… It was fun watching them explore new foods so willingly–reactions to chicken feet were the best!”


Foodies wasn’t the only LLC to indulge in dumplings! Globetrotters (A), led by Coordinator Matt Lee and HLLA Chelsea Lau, visited the Cambridge Dumpling Festival, which had offerings from around the world, including Brazil and China. Meanwhile, Foodies and Animal Enthusiasts had a joint event, “Puppies and Potatoes,” which brought together local vegetables and a therapy dog. Lilia Merbouche, HLLA for both LLCs, noted that “students learned about what it takes to train a therapy dog and about the farm where the potatoes were grown.” The students tried different varieties of potatoes and got to spend time with the therapy dog.


Globetrotters, led by Coordinator Barbie Papalios, went to the Boston Latino International Film Festival to a showing of Toro at the Museum of Fine Arts. HLLA Ebele Okafor was pleased with the students’ reaction to the MFA and the film: “Many of the students hadn’t been to the MFA yet, so it was a great opportunity to introduce them and perhaps plan a visit in the future. The entire film festival, dedicated to spreading and celebrating Latinx culture, is the exact type of ideal Globetrotters stands for… Many of the students were emotionally touched by the plight, ingenuity, bravery of the people in this film.”


Led by LLC Coordinator Carrie Klaphake and HLLA Maia Woodard, Outdoor Adventures went kayaking on the Charles River. They learned about water quality and pollution, and additionally worked together as teams to navigate the river and the wildlife living on the river. One of the Athletics LLCs, led by Coordinator Tim Troy and HLLA Larissa Morikawa, also explored the Charles River through Paddle Boston and Kendall Square Kayaking, while the other Athletics LLC, led by Coordinator Noah Brown and HLLA Zoe Simonson, participated in a beach volleyball tournament.


Students in the Explore Boston: Arts & Culture LLC, with their Coordinator Jenna Thrash and HLLA Larissa Morikawa, went on a walking tour with Boston By Foot focused on the Women of Beacon Hill. Larissa noted that the LLC enjoyed “learning about important women in Boston early history: suffragists to abolitionists to artists. We learned about meeting houses for the abolitionist movement and women’s education.”


With more events happening through October and November, we here at the Honors Program are excited to see what the LLCs will do next!