Becoming an Honors Student

To learn more about the University Honors Program, please consider a campus visit!

Students admitted to the University Honors Program will be invited to participate in an Honors Welcome Day program, typically scheduled for mid-March. We encourage you to attend so you can learn more about what we offer and meet our current students, faculty, and advisors.

If you are currently a first-or-second-year Northeastern student and are interested in joining the University Honors Program, you can! More information on the application process for current first or second-year students is below.

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Each fall, the Northeastern University Honors Program is delighted to welcome a select group of students to join our program. University Honors students, who come from virtually all over the world to study any discipline, are highly accomplished, curious, and eager to take advantage of all that Northeastern has to offer.

There is no additional application process to join the University Honors Program. Selections are rendered based on the undergraduate admissions application students normally submit to the university. Students who apply to Northeastern as part of the Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision processes are all considered for entry to Honors.

A holistic review process is used to review all applicants to Northeastern for entry to Honors. Admissions officers review applicants’ high school academic records, GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and essays for demonstrations of characteristics such as leadership, civic engagement, community service, entrepreneurial spirit, and any other distinguishing experiences.

The invitation to join the University Honors Program will be included in the official admission letter. This document will be accessible through the online application status check once admissions decision have been released.

Students who are admitted to the University Honors Program are awarded a dedicated University Honors Scholarship.

Matriculated students have the opportunity to apply to the University Honors Program during their first, second, or third semester of study at Northeastern. If selected for admission, students will enter the University Honors Program at the start of the following semester. Application decisions are made at the end of the fall and spring semesters, upon review of the student’s application, faculty letter of recommendation, and grades.

Admission into the University Honors Program as a continuing or matriculated student will provide students with access to dedicated Honors courses and learning experiences; opportunities to apply for funding to conduct research and creative endeavors and to present this work at conferences; optional participation in the Honors Alumni Mentoring Network; opportunities to apply for housing in the Honors residence halls; and membership in a vibrant and diverse network of peers who comprise the Honors community.

Unfortunately, admission to the University Honors Program as a continuing student will not result in reconsideration for university-sponsored scholarships or financial support or access to the Global Bank Account. However, newly admitted students into the University Honors Program will be eligible to apply for the Alden-Peabody scholarship in the Spring terms based on financial need and GPA, and are eligible for the Presidential Global Scholarship for global co-op experiences.

Northeastern University Faculty may nominate eligible first-year and second-year undergraduate students for consideration. Those nominated students will be contacted by the University Honors Program to encourage their application.

For more information about joining the University Honors Program, please email us!