Honors Students and Faculty Made Waves in Fall 2021

This semester, Honors students, faculty, and staff have made impacts far and wide, on the Northeastern community and beyond! We’re thrilled to highlight some of those accomplishments as the Fall 2021 semester concludes.

  • Prof. Vanessa Johnson’s (Bouvé) Inside the Honors Studio We Wear the Masks, a part of Next Pages 2021, culminated with a mask exhibit in the John D. O’Bryant Institute. Participants designed masks based on their experiences in the studio in understanding mental health and wellness in different cultural contexts. See their masks and artistic statements at the companion website.
  • Examining Family Business Through Film, one of our Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars, received attention from national news organizations such as The Atlantic and the Wall Street Journal. Prof. Kim Eddleston (DMSB) teaches the seminar regularly and has been recognized by News at Northeastern, particularly as television shows such as Succession amplify the dynamics of families in business.
  • Prof. Patricia Illingworth (CSSH), who teaches the Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar The Ethics of Philanthropy, spoke with News at Northeastern on Giving Tuesday on philanthropy in a time of social upheaval – an area in which she goes into at length in her seminar. Her upcoming book, Giving Now: Accelerating Human Rights for All, pulls material from her Honors course. It will be released in March 2022.
  • Dr. Laurie Kramer, Director of the University Honors Program, was featured in “How Family Firms Can Prevent (or Cool Down) Sibling Rivalries,” a news story featured on FamilyBusiness.Org.
  • Honors Alumna Kritika Singh (COE’20), named as a Rhodes Scholar in 2020, was one of the speakers for Northeastern’s 2020 Commencement ceremonies in November 2021. In October 2021, Nature published an article she co-authored, which made the cover.

Have an exciting achievement to share? Let us know! Email Assistant Director Dr. Emma Futhey to share your Honors story.