Highlights from the ’18-19 Honors LLCs

The 2018-2019 Honors Living Learning Communities embraced their themes with vigor over the academic year, reaching out to Boston and beyond with their projects, events, and intiatives.


The Community Service LLC volunteered at Cradles to Crayons, which is a nonprofit organization that collects, sorts, and distributes donated clothing, school supplies, toys, and other items to children throughout the state of Massachusetts.  The LLC “shopped” throughout the warehouse, gathering items to fulfill specific orders for children in need and created packs for more than 100 children during the shift


The Explore Boston: Politics & History LLC took the commuter rail to Salem, MA. There, students visited the witch history museum and took a tour of some of the original sites from the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. To end the day-trip, they walked around Salem to see other historical sites and observe the area during the height of Salem’s tourism.


On Sunday, October 14th, the Honors NU Foodies LLC made apple pies with apples purchased from the Boston Public Market. At the market, students learned about organic, locally-grown produce and interacted with the variety of vendors. Students also enjoyed warm apple cider donuts and fresh baked bagels. Back at East Village, HLLA Nikhil hosted the LLC group to create their fall festive treat.


The Globetrotters LLC traveled to the annual Indonesian Festival in Copley Square to learn more about Indonesian food, culture, and dance. While there, the LLC learned about the dances particular to each region and their accompanying garb. Students also were able to see the cultural similarities to neighboring countries. Students had some traditional teas as well as meals that were delicious. Overall, it was a great cultural experience organized by students.


On Saturday, January 19th, the Social Impact LLC attended the Women’s March 2019. The LLC traveled together to the Boston Common, where they heard speeches from women from many different organizations and backgrounds. The speakers focused on various issues our country is facing today, including racism, anti-Semitism, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, disabled rights, etc. and encouraged the audience to challenge the system and fight for equal rights for all. Some students decided to make signs that they took to the March with them. The most powerful and enlightening moment of the event was hearing all the different speeches since the women who spoke came from many different racial, ethnic, religious, etc. backgrounds and talked about a variety of issues as opposed to focusing on just one. This shed a light on how people from different groups face many different forms of discrimination, and how we can stand together to fight for equality for all, not just those groups to which we belong


Athletics and Outdoor Adventure LLCs came together for their first spring program. Taking the first commuter rail out to Wachusett, a large group from several LLCs joined together to hit the slopes, some learning skiing skills for the first time. It was a full day on the snow, and the group navigated Wachusett’s free shuttle back to the commuter rail to head back to campus.


With such strong foundations, the 2019-2020 Honors LLCs will continue this great work!