First-Year Admits – Fall ’17/’18/’19

Dialogue of Civilization Fee Waiver

All students who entered the Honors Program at Northeastern as freshmen in Fall 2017, 2018, or 2019 are eligible to have the fee waived for one Dialogue of Civilizations during Summer 1 or Summer 2 of their first summer (only), up to a maximum of $3,500. Students may use this fee waiver towards any Dialogue of Civilization offered by Northeastern to which they are admitted. Students are responsible for tuition as they will be earning 8 credit hours.

Global Bank Account

In addition to the coverage of a DOC fee during their first summer as a Northeastern student, all Honors students who entered the Honors Program at Northeastern as freshmen in Fall 2017, 2018, or 2019 have access to a $6,000 Global Bank Account which they can use beginning with their first Spring semester.

*The Global Bank Account is to be used towards TWO OR MORE approved global experiences offered by Northeastern, including another Dialogue of Civilization; a global co-op; a semester, summer or academic year studying abroad at a university in another nation; research or service conducted internationally; a global alternative spring break experience; Global Quest. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions carefully prior to filling out the Global Bank Account Withdrawal Request Form.

*Students who are eligible for the Global Bank Account are NOT eligible for the Presidential Global Scholarship.


All first-year students who are U.S. citizens and who entered the Honors Program at Northeastern as freshmen in Fall 2019 are eligible for assistance in obtaining their first passport. Honors will reimburse First-Year students for the following fees incurred at one of the Honors-sponsored Passport Drives in applying for their first U.S. passport:

(1) passport application fee ($110);

(2) execution fee ($35); and

(3) Photo Fee ($15) if photos are taken at the Passport Drive.

It is important to note that you are expected to pay for these fees using three separate checks, and will then be reimbursed by Honors. This reimbursement is only applicable to first-year Honors students applying for their first passport. It does not apply towards passport renewal or to non-U.S. Citizens.

Interested students should look for announcements for the Passport Acceptance Day event to be held on campus in the fall in which representatives from the U. S. State Department will be in attendance to process students’ applications. Please consult the Global Experience Office for information about the documents you will need to bring to campus and how to register for this event.


Frequently Asked Questions

Honors Students who were admitted to the Honors Program upon acceptance to Northeastern in Fall 2017, Fall 2018, and Fall 2019 may apply for the Global Bank Account. They are not eligible for the Presidential Global Scholarship.

Students admitted prior to Fall 2017 and all internal admits (any students who applied for entry and were admitted after matriculating into Northeastern) are not eligible for the Global Bank Account. They are eligible for the Presidential Global Scholarship, which assists in funding global co-op experiences.

Eligible students may apply using the Global Bank Account Withdrawal Request Form.

  • Any Northeastern-approved global experience (DOC*, Study Abroad, Global Alternative Spring Break, Global Co-Op, Global Research, Global Service, a course with embedded global travel, Global Quest)
  • Program Fees (DOC Fee*, ASB Fee, Global Quest fee, study abroad fees that are not tuition)
    *May not be used towards expenses associated with a DOC for which the fee is already waived by Honors
  • Airfare (economy only)
  • Visa or Passport fees
  • Housing fees (if not included in program fee)
  • Meals (if not included in program fee)
    • To estimate the amount you might need for meals, please refer to the GEO webpage for your program for guidance. Most DOC web pages have estimated additional expenses for meals, etc.
    • If this information is not provided, please research your location of travel and request a reasonable amount for meals (i.e. not eating out for every meal and having expensive meals).
  • Required Course Materials (may only include books, software, or equipment that are referenced in a syllabus or program document
  • Tuition
  • A Dialogue of Civilizations for which the fee is already waived by Honors
  • Personal travel while abroad
  • Upgrades
  • Equipment/electronics not explicitly listed in a syllabus or course document
  • A Domestic Alternative Spring Break (within the US)

Our expectation is that you will use your GBA to have TWO or more global experiences that have strong educational value. Requests to use the full $6,000 on one global experience will generally be turned back unless there is a very compelling justification.

Students should apply to withdraw funds from the Global Bank Account once they are accepted for their global experience, but prior to departure. Students cannot apply to withdraw funds from the GBA for an experience they are currently on.

Once you submit your withdrawal form, please allow up to two weeks for your request to be processed by Honors and sent to Student Financial Services for final review and approval. Please note that SFS has final discretion regarding the amount of funding rewarded from the Global Bank Account.

Student Financial Services will apply the approved amount of funding during the appropriate awarding period.

If you are applying for funds for a future experience/academic term, your global bank funds will not be officially added to your financial aid package until close to the start of that experience/academic term. Financial aid package information can be viewed via the My Financial Aid Status section of your myNortheastern portal under Services and Links.

Once funds are awarded, the money will officially disburse after the experience/semester has officially begun. To determine whether funding has disbursed, please review your myNortheastern student account information and select the option to review ‘Account Summary/ Detail by term.’ Please note that your e-bill is a static document and will not update in real time to reflect current disbursement information.

Should your global funding create a credit for you to withdraw as a refund from your student account, information on how to set-up direct deposit and request a refund can be found on the Student Financial Services website:

Student Financial Services has final discretion on amounts awarded from the Global Bank Account. If you have questions regarding your funding or about the awarding process, please contact your Financial Aid Counselor.

For questions concerning what types of experiences/expenses the Global Bank account can be used for, and who is eligible, please contact Barbie Papalios, Honors Academic Advisor.


For any other questions, including questions about funding amounts and disbursement, please contact Student Financial Services or your Financial Aid Counselor.