Propose an Honors Experience

Honors is HIP: Honors is an Innovation Playground

Faculty are encouraged and supported to “teach the course they always dreamt of teaching,”

They are also encouraged explore topics with students that are not part of their traditional curriculum, to bring information from diverse areas together through an integrated lens, to experiment with new teaching methods and approaches, and to partner with faculty from complementary disciplines to create novel and exciting educational opportunities.

Interested in taking an enthusiastic cohort of Honors students on a global experience?

Email Dr. Laurie Kramer to set up an appointment to discuss the possibilities.

The University Honors Program is proud to announce a brand new initiative to encourage faculty to develop innovative learning experiences.

In its quest to continually expand the range of exciting educational offerings provided to University Honors students, and in line with the goals of Northeastern 2025 in which learning is understood to happen everywhere— with no boundaries— the University Honors Program invites Northeastern University faculty to propose new methods for engaging with its students and supporting new learning opportunities. As an “Innovation Playground,” Honors aims to provide faculty with a mechanism for the design and testing of educational innovations.

Details will be forthcoming!


Please note the opportunity for your students to apply for an Honors Propel Grant, which will enable them to embark on unique learning experiences that may help them to extend learning beyond your classroom, laboratory, or studio.

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