Honors Research Support

Amplify your research and creative endeavors with Honors students.

The University Honors Program supports faculty across campus in their efforts to involve Honors students in their research and creative endeavors.

Honors Early Research Award (Faculty Initiated)

Honors Early Research Awards (HERAs) allow first-year and second-year Honors students to participate as research/lab/production/studio assistants throughout the seven college. Each award can request a budget of up to $1,000, which can be applied towards additional research materials, tools, software, etc.

Once the faculty application is approved, the Honors Program will communicate the available opportunities to students. Honors students apply directly to faculty members through an online form. Lastly, faculty will then independently select and notify the candidate and communicate their decision to the Honors Program. The Honors Program will then oversee the awarding of funds.

Additionally, there are student-initiated HERAs available. If you know of a student interested in research, please encourage them to apply here.

For more information on the Honors Early Research Award, please email Associate Director Justin Silvestri.

Submit a Faculty-Initiated HERA Proposal

Honors Directed Study

With the flexibility afforded by the University Honors Program, Honors students have the option of working with a faculty mentor to create their own credit-bearing learning experiences, which could encompass scholarly research, creative endeavors, entrepreneurship, service, and more. If you have been approached by an Honors student to mentor them in this capacity, direct the student to contact Associate Director Justin Silvestri to set up an appointment to discuss the potential learning experience and next steps.