Learning Beyond the Classroom

Mentorship and Engagement Opportunities

Faculty provide that sense of affirmation and encouragement that have enduring impact on students beyond the classroom.

Whether formal opportunities for research or global experiences, or the informality of opening up your lab or studio for a tour or informal talk about your scholarship, accepting a student’s invitation to have lunch to talk about mutual interests, or saying yes to mentor a project through a Directed Study course or even for zero credit, never underestimate the impact that even a small interaction can have on students.

Consider providing an Honors student or two with a meaningful role in your research or creative activities– or any form of scholarship or service, for that matter. We provide considerable support to Honors students and faculty through both our student- and faculty-initiated Honors Early Research Awards and Conference Travel Awards.

Additional support may be available through the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships.

Many University Honors students have access to a Global Bank Account in which they have funding for two or more global experiences. These experiences may include faculty-mentored research or service to be performed in an international setting, along with traditional forms of global experiences (i.e., Dialogues of Civilizations, a summer, semester, or academic year studying at an international university). Consider including an Honors student in a project you are performing in another nation.

Honors Living Learning Coordinators (HLLCs) are faculty and professional staff who use their specialized expertise to develop and lead learning opportunities for first-year Honors students who reside in a thematic-based Living Learning Community (LLC). The HLLC role is an opportunity for Northeastern’s very best scholars and educators to foster learning as students work together to explore a topic of shared interest in dynamic and personal ways. Learn more about the Honors LLC initiative here.