Current Northeastern Students: Apply for the Honors Program!

See yourself as an Honors student!


Applications for the University Honors Program are now open for continuing Northeastern students for Spring 2020 admittance. Students currently in their first, second, or third semester of study at Northeastern may apply.


In addition to the online form, applications require a resume and a recommendation from a professor. Applications close December 2nd, 2019.


Admission decisions are based on a review of the student’s application, faculty recommendation, and grades and will be made after submission of Fall 2019 grades.


Admission into the University Honors Program will provide students access to dedicated Honors courses and learning experiences; opportunities to apply for funding to conduct research and creative endeavors and to present work at conferences; optional participation in the Honors Alumni Mentoring Network and leadership positions; ability to apply for dedicated Honors housing; and membership in the vibrant and diverse Honors community.


Students admitted to the University Honors Program in Spring 2020 will have immediate eligibility to apply for the Alden Peabody scholarship based on financial need and GPA.


For additional information or if you have questions about the application process, please email us.


Access the application today!