Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis

The Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis (HIT), a possible culmination of the Honors Program’s emphasis on interdisciplinary education, offers students the opportunity to express their intellectual agility in ways that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Under the mentorship of at least two faculty from distinct disciplines, students create a work of scholarship that integrates and applies bodies of knowledge that stem from these diverse disciplines.  An HIT can take the form of a written thesis or can combine discipline-based knowledge with the mastery of an artistic skill for the purposes of creating an original creative work.

Funding is available from the University Honors Program to support student work on an HIT.

Performing an Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis is optional and is limited to University Honors student who hold junior or senior standing.

  1. A written interdisciplinary thesis based on a well-defined research question, extensive original research and data analysis, sound critical argument supported by empirical evidence and relevant expertise in at least two different academic disciplines (as shown through major/minor specialization, coursework, previous research experience, etc.)
  2. A creative interdisciplinary work that, in addition to drawing on one or more academic disciplines in which the student possesses relevant background (as evidenced through major/minor specialization, coursework, previous research experience, etc.), also involves the mastery of a specific artistic skill. 

Students should begin the HIT process by identifying two faculty mentors from distinct disciplines who are willing to supervise their work. Faculty mentorship will be essential for submitting a strong proposal and for conducting the project itself. At least one faculty mentor must provide a letter of support to accompany the proposal.

Information sessions and proposals drafting workshops will be available to assist students to submit quality proposals. Students are also strongly encouraged to make an appointment with their Honors academic advisor.

The proposal will be submitted to the University Honors Program using the link below.

If the proposal is approved, students will register for HONR 4997 so that they can receive academic credit for their work. HONR 4997 will count as 4 credits (or as one Honors course) and can be used towards meeting the 6-course requirement to graduate with University Honors Distinction.

Students whose HIT proposals that are approved will be informed of the level of funding they are awarded in their decision letter.

Upon completion of their HITs, students are expected to showcase their work at RISE. They are also encouraged to present at additional professional and academic venues appropriate to their HIT subject(s) matter.


Apply Here: Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis Proposal Form

All proposals must include the following:

  • A detailed HIT proposal submitted through the appropriate online form
  • One or more letters of support from the faculty advisor(s) who will be supervising the project.
  • Itemized budget proposal and/or evidence of external funding.
  • Resume
  • An unofficial Northeastern University transcript

Proposals are reviewed by faculty in the relevant disciplines as well as by leadership of the University Honors Program.

Students seeking to perform an Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis during Spring 2022 must submit their approval by November 29, 2021.