Announcing the Honors Propel Grant!

The University Honors Program is thrilled to announce a new initiative for Honors students who wish to take their endeavors to the next level: the Honors Propel Grant!


Open to Honors Program students of all academic years, the Honors Propel Grant enables students to engage in meaningful, creative, and potentially impactful advanced learning experiences of their own design, with the guidance of a faculty mentor.


Students may pursue Honors Propel Grants to begin a new project, or to expand upon a project that began in an educational context (e.g., an Honors LLC, co-op, global service project, or academic course). These projects should be advanced in nature, building upon students’ prior experiences to lead them toward new creations or discoveries. Through this funding, students can propel their projects forward, with the goal of having significant impact, beyond what they might have accomplished within the limits of a course, for example.


Achieving this greater impact can happen through a number of avenues. Students could work on their own NGO; develop an original software package; or create a performance or exhibit bringing awareness to a specific issue or problem they are passionate about. The options are broad, and students are encouraged to exercise creativity as they develop their proposals.


The Honors Propel Grant initiative is part of a new competency-based experiential learning model that Honors is adopting. That is, in addition to enabling students to work on projects that will have tangible, real-world outcomes in areas that they’re excited about, we aim to help students recognize how their work on these projects is leading them to develop or strengthen competencies that are personally meaningful.


Successful completion of the learning activities outlined in an approved Honors Propel Grant may be used in lieu of one Honors course to meet the requirements of graduation with Honors Distinction.


Honors Propel Grants, awarded on a rolling basis, are competitive, and awards will vary in amount based on proposed budgets. Both individual students and teams may apply.


View the full Honors Propel Grant description, including application details. Students can apply for the grant here.


We are excited to see what you propose!