Alumni Mentoring Network

A Connected Network

The Northeastern University Honors Program Alumni Mentoring Network connects Honors Program alumni with upper class Honors students to mutually advance students’ and mentors’ professional and personal effectiveness through supportive intergenerational relationships, professional workshops, and networking.

Honors students appreciate receiving guidance and personal attention from a Mentor who is invested in their success. As students gain experience in cultivating strong professional relationships as they grow intellectually, professionally and personally, Mentors reap the reward of seeing their Mentees thrive.

As we bring Honors Mentors and Mentees pairs together to exchange ideas and engage in workshops and conversations around professional development, a rich, vibrant network is created in which all learn from one another.

The Benefits of Mentorship

  • As students reap rich rewards from what they learn from their Mentors, alums also learn from their protégés while they advance their mentoring abilities.
  • Both Mentors and Mentees become part of a vibrant network of inter-generational learners.
  • Through their interactions with the larger community of Honors Mentors and Mentees, all participants’ professional networks will be enriched.
  • Alumni and current students remain active contributors to the University Honors Program and the greater Northeastern University community, establishing meaningful relationships that will last a life-time.