The Honors Propel Grant initiative is designed to enable University Honors students to engage in meaningful, creative, and impactful learning experiences of their own design, that is mentored and evaluated by Northeastern faculty.

Students may pursue Honors Propel Grants to begin a new project, or to expand upon  a project that may have begun in any educational context (e.g., an Honors LLC, co-op, global service project, or academic course) so that their work may have greater impact. This greater impact may occur, in any number of ways, for example, by developing and implementing a plan for a start-up company, creating an original software package, NGO, performance, exhibit, or grant proposal. Students are encouraged to be creative in the type of projects or initiatives they propose.   

Honors Propel Grants are intended to promote the development of the kinds of documented learning experiences that can be evaluated and confirmed to meet the expectations of the hybrid competency-based experiential learning model. That is, the successful completion of the learning activities outlined in an approved Honors Propel Grant may be used in lieu of one Honors course to meet the requirements of graduation with Honors Distinction

This experience is open to all University Honors students, in good academic standing, at any point in their academic career. Students are eligible to receive up to three Honors Propel Grants throughout their undergraduate years at Northeastern. Teams of students may apply for an Honors Propel Grant; however, their applications must clearly define the learning objectives and experiences planned for each participating student. 

Honors Propel Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis. Awards will vary in amount, based on the approved budget requests of successful proposals. Awards will be limited to $1000 per student contributing to a project, with a maximum of $5000 per project.

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Please note: Depending up the type and scope of their proposed project, students may be referred to other funding sources. For example, first- and second-year students proposing a research or creative endeavor should apply for an Honors Early Research Award or funding from the University’s Office of Research and Undergraduate Fellowships to support their work.  Upperclass University Honors students who are interested in performing research or creative endeavor should also apply for an award through the PEAK initiative offered by the Office of Research and Undergraduate Fellowships.