Work Study in the Explore Program Office

The Explore Program work study job has hands-down been one of the best experiences I’ve had. As a first-year Explore Program student, getting the opportunity to work with and get to know all of the advisors on a deeper level than just one-on-one meetings this year has been pivotal to my success. I honestly feel that because I work at the explore program office and I am always around advisors and student leaders my first year has been so much easier than if I hadn’t been in this role.

One of the critical aspects of the work study experience at the Explore program is the projects they give me. These projects are not only fun, but also are essential projects for the Explore program as a whole. I think that having this responsibility only makes the work even more rewarding. The project I have been currently working on is a “day in the life” look into my college experience as a first year. The process of collecting footage and figuring out what should be in the video has been such a great learning experience. Before this, I’d never actually made a video that was going to be shown in front of a real audience, but getting the opportunity to learn and gain new skills has been fantastic.

Not only do I get great projects, I also get one of the best academic support environments the whole campus has to offer because all of the advisors played a substantial part in my academic success. Specifically, I really tried to take their wonderful suggestions about dealing with academic obstacles or telling me about resources I should take advantage of on campus to earn the grades they knew I could achieve. An example of this would be during my first semester when I had not received the grade I was hoping for on a quiz despite my best efforts. The first thing the advisors did when I told them was help me draft an email to the professor to meet and figure out where I came short and how I can improve. On top of that, they also immediately pointed me in the direction of the peer tutoring center and walked me through all the steps of getting a tutor and reserving a time which I will use for the rest of my time at Northeastern. That quick response by the advisors to an issue is precisely why working at the program office is genuinely fantastic.

Not only is working at the Explore Program office instrumental for my academic success, it also provides a home away from home and a support system here at school. The Explore office has been indispensable to my acclimation to the Northeastern community and even college life as a whole. Every time I come into the office, someone always asks me how I am, offers me food, and in general makes sure that everything is going well for me. That kind of genuine care and love I felt from every individual in this office made choosing to work at the Northeastern explore program office one of the best decisions I could’ve made all year.