My Major Moment: How I Decided On Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

I came to college confused. After an arduous process of deciding which school to attend, I now had an even bigger decision to make: what will I major in? Luckily, I had the option of the Explore Program, where I could try out some interesting classes in order to determine my major. I knew I was interested in social sciences, but that’s about as specific as I could get. As I started at Northeastern, I remember feeling a looming fear that I would never be able to decide a major that felt right for me.

During my first year at Northeastern, I decided to take a range of classes within the College of Social Sciences and Humanities: a political science course, a couple economics courses, and a philosophy class that I was pleasantly surprised by. My first semester classes were monumental in helping me narrow down my major. I felt so passionate about each of my classes that I could not narrow it down to one major. So, when I found out about majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) I knew it would be perfect for me. PPE is not a very common major; prior to coming to Northeastern I had never heard of that possibility. This led me to believe there was a negative stigma around it. Everyone was choosing majors like engineering or biology with what I perceived to have very set career paths, but what would a PPE major lead to? After looking further into the opportunities that came along with PPE, I was only more intrigued. I could go into law, work for a non-profit, or pursue policy writing. It seemed like an endless list of possibilities all that spoke directly to me and my interests; I realized it was the perfect major for me.

The introduction class for PPE (Intro to Economic Justice) combined a wide variety of topics and made me think in ways I had not before. I had the chance to argue and analyze controversial political and economic issues. Having the ability to come to class and openly discuss complicated topics with my peers made me look forward to attending class every week. Through this class, I learned the value of an interdisciplinary education. Seeing issues from multiple perspectives is a valued skill that I knew I could gain from PPE. Soon after starting this class, I declared PPE as my major.

My process of choosing PPE as a major taught me that I didn’t have to choose one specific topic to be led down a certain path. Especially at Northeastern, where there are awesome combined majors like biology and political science, combining your interests can take you down a very interesting path. There may not be the comfort of having a specific, set career path, but so many opportunities open up by broadening your horizons.

I’m so grateful that I had the Explore Program to allow me to spend time discovering my interests. My interesting combination of classes lead me to a major I absolutely love. I also had the chance to take interesting classes, like psychology, that were outside of what is now my major. Even though the future is uncertain, I am excited for all of the possibilities and opportunities to come along with my PPE major.