The Explore Experience

Connections & Decisions

During your first semester on campus, you will be enrolled in a 1-credit first-year seminar course called Connections & Decisions (FSEM1000).

Each section of Connections & Decisions is taught by an advisor at Northeastern and two student leaders, with small class sizes of no more than 19 students per section. Your instructional team will guide you as you explore your interests and develop a strategic plan for academic and experiential engagement.

The Connections & Decisions experience is designed to align with Northeastern’s holistic learning ecosystem, SAIL (Self-Authored Integrated Learning). The course will cover a variety of topics, from well-being in your first semester of college to planning your Possible Path to Degree. At the end of the course, you will present your strategic plan to your classmates, and many students choose fun and creative ways to present these plans.

Ellen Foley headshot

“My favorite thing about the Connections & Decisions class was that it connected me to other Explore students. I felt a bit self-conscious about not knowing what I wanted to to with my life, and knowing that were other students in the same position as me was very comforting.”

Ellen Foley, Communication Studies