What motivates you?

What moti­vates you? Sur­pris­ingly, not many people have an answer to this ques­tion. That’s why Lars King, DMSB’17, has devel­oped Year of Moti­va­tion, a year­long sub­scrip­tion ser­vice that delivers short moti­va­tional videos to your inbox every morning.

People pay hun­dreds of dol­lars to see moti­va­tional speakers that help them stay moti­vated for a week, and then they’re back to where they started,” said King, a dual major in entre­pre­neur­ship and mar­keting. “But what if they could get a few min­utes of moti­va­tion every single morning that gets them going and excited?”

So that’s exactly what he did. For less than a dime a day, sub­scribers can watch daily moti­va­tional, inspi­ra­tional, and infor­ma­tional videos that have been hand­picked by King. To curate these videos, he searched the web for the biggest players in this genre based on views, likes, and sub­scribers. From there he selected the best, most effec­tive videos.

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