Smart bike pedals toward accident prevention

Every day, about two people in the U.S. suc­cumb to fatal cycling acci­dents while more than 130 suffer harmful injuries. But in an era of increasing con­cern for the envi­ron­ment, cycling is an impor­tant mode of trans­porta­tion, one that could begin to replace gas-​​guzzling cars, trains, and buses. Indeed, Amer­i­cans could save the nation an esti­mated $7 bil­lion in com­muting costs if they biked instead of drove to neigh­bor­hood des­ti­na­tions such as the bank, post office, or gro­cery store.

In an effort to make cycling safer—and thus a more desir­able mode of transportation—students in Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor Mechan­ical and Indus­trial Engi­neering Con­stan­tinos Mavroidis’ Bio­med­ical Mecha­tronics Lab­o­ra­tory have cre­ated a “Smart Bike,” which they call the Inter­ac­tive Bicy­clist Acci­dent Pre­ven­tion System, or iBAPS.

The project was part of the under­grad­uate stu­dent Cap­stone Design course, in which five senior mechan­ical engi­neering stu­dents worked, read more…